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Who doesn’t love a spot-on Christmas present? If you are hoping to receive that action camera or new shoes you’ve been dreaming of, don’t forget that your loved ones will also be secretly (or not so secretly) hoping for their little Christmas miracles. So how do you make sure you hit the nail on the head on Christmas morning? Look up to the blue sky and remember…

… ’Tis the season to be surfin’

Don’t you just love the carelessness that comes with summer and playing on the beach all day? Whether your Christmas holidays are spent working the garden or splashing about in the waves, there’s a good chance you and your close ones will be enjoying some well-deserved sun this season.

Surprise your friends and family with some unusual gifts and activities to make the most of the summer heat! At Groupon you’ll find loads of ideas for outdoor fun that would make great Christmas gifts, like abseiling experiences or skydives for the thrill-seekers, hair-in-the-wind horse treks on the beach… or a chill sunset cruise around the islands for those in need of something a bit more relaxed.

… ’Tis the season to be camping

We bet you know some people who, not content with spending their days outside, are also keen to spend their summer nights in the wild outdoors! For your adventurous uncle who retreats to the wilderness every year, or your siblings who’ve decided to celebrate Christmas a bit differently this year (around a campfire), make sure you get your hands on some unusual, but terribly useful, outdoor kit:

  • Some wearable sleeping bags: they have holes for your arms and legs so you put them on like a dress and you’re ready to sleep anywhere… or just walk around in the middle of the night looking a bit ridiculous… but warm.
  • An LED dog leash: Rex will never get lost in the dark with a trail of bright red LEDs attached to his collar! Plus, it’ll warn the native wildlife if Rex is of the chasing tendency.
  • Some ultraportable travel binoculars: for bird-watchers and curious cats alike, a camping trip is a perfect occasion to whip out this underused gadget. In its compact format, it’ll no longer get left on the kitchen counter because the bags are full.

… ’Tis the season to be eating

We can say all we want about the sun and the beach, but what we all love most about Christmas is the excuse to stuff our faces with all our favourite treats in the name of holiday festivities. Know a gourmet with a sweet tooth or a fine-foods connoisseur? A foodie gift is bound to float their boat. Let them make good use of original kitchen gadgets and you may reap some sneaky tasters. So, for the food lovers, think garden herb planters, ice cream makers, funky dumpling-making tools, or complete brewing kits. If they’re already perfectly equipped, don’t worry – you can’t go wrong with coupons for fine dining at a fancy restaurant or one for an irresistible pile of desserts!

But remember, what matters most this Christmas season is that you enjoy the weather, enjoy the food, and – most of all – enjoy the company! Oh, and a few excellent gifts won’t hurt either. Meri Kirihimete!