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With more than 15 million units sold, we know how to set your business up for success. In fact, more than 90% of our campaigns are immediately profitable.

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Groupon customers are collectors of new experiences, but loyal to the places they love. They spend more at great businesses and recommend favourite spots to friends.

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Boost your online presence with longer duration campaigns, drive revenue through full-priced offerings and tailored marketing, and manage demand via online booking.

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It’s easy to redeem Groupons on our mobile apps. Simply scan the barcode or enter the security code — that’s all it takes!

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Keep track of your promotions, learn about customers, and monitor feedback with intuitive campaign-management tools in your Merchant Centre.

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Make use of our powerful booking solutions to attract customers, manage bookings, optimise capacity and engage efficiency, 24/7

Local Businesses Love Groupon

"We were looking at ways to grow our market without blowing our trim advertising budget. Groupon proved to be a fantastic risk-free way to advertise and has grown our clientele. We ran the campaign with a target of 360 vouchers and it was so successful we had to close the promotion early! We now have the ability to grow our business even more."

– Carrie and Todd Bennett, Snappercatchers

Local Businesses Love Groupon

"Groupon has exceeded our expectations consistently and are now an essential component of our advertising and marketing. Groupon introduced our business to high-value, premium customers who have filled our downtime. We found it overly successful in the sense that we upsold to 70% of customers. I would certainly recommend other business owners to work with Groupon."

– Nick Singh, White Smile Dental - Takapuna

Local Businesses Love Groupon

"We have been kept busy with a steady stream of new customers that would never have come to us if it hadn’t been for our Groupon promotion. In a tough market, our Groupon campaign turned out to be the saviour of the season. Groupon is a great idea for companies looking to attract new customers and we will be doing it again."

– Kelly Weeds, Dive Zone

Local Businesses Love Groupon

"We have been very happy with the outcome of our feature on Groupon. The process from the beginning has been seamless and professional using the systems supplied by Groupon. We were able to upsell to a large number of customers – it’s been a great experience!"

– Yvonne Hadlow, Fish Market Wynyard Quarter

Local Businesses Love Groupon

"Word of mouth reference to our deal was quick to circulate around Auckland casual golfers. If anything the results were too good – we ended up selling close to 1300 vouchers. The original feature not only included a round of golf, but also a drink of your choice in our well known busy bar – the bar is upstairs and away from the usual foot traffic path of visiting golfers."

– Travis Gawler, Akarana Golf Club

Take the Next Step to Grow Your Business

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